4:4:4 is the same amount of sampling of all the color.  This applies to both SD and HD.

A pure uncompressed image capture results in a 4:4:4 recording.  The only common camera that does this is the F900 SR, which records to an external HDCam deck at the 4:4:4 color space, virtually uncompressed.  This is a tape based camera.

The next best camera as far as image quality AND handling the 4:2:2 color space is the PDW-700, then the F900.  All Panasonic cameras are next due to the native resolution issues of 720p, and then the 1st generation XDCam cameras (basically all of them except for the SD cameras record in 4:2:0.)  4:2:0 is a bad choice to do a blue screen, but okay for green screen.

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Which camera would you rather shoot with just based upon native resolution?